I have to include it, even though it was "he" speak

Roxy: No, I don't have to do anything you ask me.
Roxy's husband: You know, I could replace you with a trained monkey.
Roxy: I'd hate to think of the sex.
Roxy's husband: There would be a lot of hair and a lot of squealing. long pause. And that would just be me.


Things you don't normally hear at the office - unless you work where I do

Roxy to Boss: You have pie crust on your eyelashes.
Boss wipes face.
Roxy: It's not every day you get to tell your boss he has pie crust on his eyelashes.

Slightly flighty receptionist to Roxy: You are too beautiful not to have a My Space page.
Roxy: Huh?
SFR: You have an intuitive spirit.
Roxy: So I should be on My Space?
SFR: It is a great place to meet people like us.
Roxy: Like us?
SFR: Mystical people.

Student 1: Yeah, we bowl frozen turkeys down the corridors next week.
Student 2: No, the week after.
Student 1: Well, it is November.