Blonde Moments From a Bottle

One of my dear friends, and frequent names dropped on this blog is not blonde. She does have a college degree and is in fact one of the most educated and logical thinking people I know.

Sometimes book learnin' and a strict upbringing in the formative years takes its toll on an otherwise intelligent person. The following are a few examples of my extrodinarily unique friends moments of stereotypical blonde moments...

I was on my way to my house, "Vogue" was with me. There is a home around the corner from mine that flies an American flag and a black POW/MIA flag. Vogue casually looks over to me and in all sincerity asks, "What is powmia mean?" (run it all together and make a word out of it vs. an acronym) Please keep in mind that in our "real life" we work with numerous people who are either in the military or have been in the military. This should have been a no-brainer. When I began to laugh, she got a little upset and said "no really, is it like a hippie saying?". All I could do, between my fits of laughter was to simply spell it out slowly. It was as if you could literally see the lightbulb above her head grow and grow until it finally sunk in.

The next moment of brilliance came when we were somehow on the topic of NASA. Vogue looked at me and said "I didn't know there was a space center in Houston". Thru tightly clenched lips, eyebrows squished together and raised, all I could muster out at first was..."hhmm". I believe one of my other friends who was around simply looked at Vogue and said "Houston, we have a problem", to which Vogue immediately understood and responded, "but I've never seen the movie!".

Yet another moment of brilliance occurred when we were leaving a shopping center. As I rounded the Jack in the Crack, a rather homely man crossed in front of me. Vogue doesn't miss a beat when she asked, "do ugly people know they're ugly?" Thats a good question, I posed it to my dad and he says that he knows he's ugly, the thing is, ugly people just don't care! Always a lesson to be learned!!

Thank you Vogue, thank you for the bottled blonde moments in an otherwise tedious world!