Bathroom talk

Vogue: So, you'll never be able to drink again?
Roxy: Not like you do now. I used to drink like that and look where it got me. In ten years, you may be in the same place.

we exit the public bathroom, into the store.

Vogue: What will you do?
Roxy: I'm thinking of taking up pot again.
Vogue: No drinking? What's the point of living?
Roxy: ( mocking like she's at a party) "Roxy, do you want a drink?" "No thanks - can't drink because of my liver. Besides, I'm fine with this line of coke right here."
Remi: (from across the store) Uhh... loud! I can hear you all the way down here.
Roxy: It's not like I've really got a line of coke on me. I probably wouldn't do it if I had it.


syphi's future hubby


really, no need to thank us


si, la senorita es en mexico

ella es muy caliente


if i were the postman, i'd want to date us


i mean, he must really really really hate us


the postman must hate us...


The third one

(we say it with love. your skank butt whores, remi, roxy & vogue)


Postcard 2


The first postcard

(Dear Syphi - don't know how it happened, but we received a picture of you when you were out and about in Zacatecas. You look GOOD. Love what you've done with your hair. All our love, Roxy, Remi & Vogue)


Blonde part deux...

Vogue was in rare form at our slumber party Saturday night while making postcards for our friend Ginger (aka Syphillis Ophelia).

Roxy: "Where you going to put the address?"
Vogue: "What address?"
Roxy: "Syphi's address."
Vogue: "...uh..."
Roxy: "The address goes on the right side of the postcard."
Vogue: "Fine. Fine! What's the address?!"
Roxy: "I'm not giving you the address until you have a pen in your hand and are ready to write because I'm not going to repeat it over and over again."
Roxy: "Get a fucking pen!"
Vogue: "Fine, I have a fucking pen. What's the fucking address?!"

Roxy gives her the address. Vogue glues the piece of paper with the address onto the postcard in the right top corner.

Roxy: "Where the fuck are you going to put the stamp?"
Vogue: "You didn't say anything about a stamp, bitch."
Remi: "We didn't think we had to! Have you ever gotten a postcard? God, didn't you go to college Vogue?"
Vogue: "I was in advanced classes."
Remi: "Special Ed?"


Operation Syphilis Ophelia

While our friend Syphilis Ophelia* is in Mexico for the next three weeks, we are embarking on a campaign to make her feel like she was missed.

Because she is likely to be inundated with mail when she returns, we didn't want her to return home to bill after bill in her mailbox. Instead, she will find amongst her letters from debtors, a little something special from her friends.

Since evil makes us happy, these letters will not be of the typical variety. Instead, they will be postcards. What's so cutting edge about postcards, you ask? Nothing... except they will be homemade postcards. And they will be fabricated from materials never meant to be postcards.

Stay tuned! Pictures of postcards will follow this weekend...

Game on.

*so named for the syphilis that she is bound to contract from "drinking the water" while she is in Mexico. yes, we know what "drinking the water" really means too.