Revealing Ride

Preface...CNN reports that a red line train in Boston became a "pantless" ride. Literally, there was news footage of everyone on the redline train sans pants. men in tightie whities, women in the equivalent panties etc...

Remi to co-worker: So you know we are getting the light rail here in Phoenix. Perhaps...

Co-worker who rudly cuts me off: Hell no. I can already tell you that I am not dropping my drawers to get on the light rail here.

Remi: But you never know, it could be exhillerating

Co-worker: Well maybe if you call me up at 2am I might be down. 2am on a Friday or Saturday night anyway.

Remi: Deal, when the light rail opens I'll give you the call!

Random employee at work who overheard: You guys are just sick

Remi: Its taken you this long to figure it out!


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