Worst Comment of 2006

January 1, shortly after midnight...

Roxy, Hubby, Brother, Mom, Dad and her Brother's Girlfriend's (BG) Mom & Dad sit in a slightly smoky Irish pub. Band has finished their last set. Dinner was good (and Roxy's bread pudding was scrumdidlyumptious). The main event of the evening (aside from ringing in 2006) was to have Mom & Dad meet BG's Mom & Dad as Brother thinks Girlfriend could be "The One."

Dad picks up the tab and we begin to settle the tip for Brother's Girlfriend who was the waitress for our table that evening.

We all pull our wallets, except for Brother.

Roxy: We're putting in $20.
Hubby whispers to Roxy: Actually, $40.
BG's Dad: We gave her $25 already.
Mom: Here's some more.
Dad to my Brother: Boy - you better pull that wallet out and tip your girlfriend.
Brother: Oh, I tipped her alright. I tipped her last night.

***silence at table***

***Brother turns mottled red***

Just after midnight and my brother has already made the worst comment of 2006.