Mighty Wrangler!!

So I was given the opportunity at work to do something kind of special. When I say special I mean I had the great chance to step up to the plate and do some good for the community...OK so if you know me you realize that was a line of bull shit!

Actually when I say special I just meant that it was an opportunity that not many people are given. The fact that I am going to be paid overtime to do this is simply icing on the cake. I probably could have been talked into it anyway.

I have watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for several years & never gave credit where clearly credit was due. What am I rambling on about...just this, I have been given the opportunity to be a balloon handler in our local Fiesta Bowl Parade. I have nick-named it "Balloon Wrangling" just because I think it sounds much cooler.

Did you know that you have to go to training to be a balloon wrangler? As I was driving to my training session I kept thinking...what the hell, how hard can it be to wrangle a balloon. Oh but it was all serious business when I arrived. What was supposed to be a 20 minute session turned into a full hour of do's and don'ts...like don't let the balloon drag on the ground when going under a power line, don't forget to pull the balloon down to avoid the power line, don't forget to keep walking forward as it is a parade...don't wrap the balloon rope around your hand etc.

My biggest question was never answered...what happens if everyone else drops their rope. I mean, how long do you hold on trying to save the balloon before you let go. What if you held on too long and now you're too far off the ground to let go!! It could be a full on disaster. I can only hope to survive in order to follow up to let everyone know how it goes.

If by chance you tune in and watch the Fiesta Bowl Parade on TV, my company will be "wranglin" the giant roadrunner!

(ok so this is not exactly our balloon, merely a representation)

((I know...you all wish you could be as cool as me!!))


Santa Claus is Coming to Feel You Up

Remi and I are Buddy Check partners. Sometimes (monthly, if I'm good) I send her emails reminding her to check for lumps. Since it's December, I decided to be Christmas themed:

(sung a la Bruce Springsteen's version of Santa Claus is Comin' To Town)

You better watch out
You better hold 'em high
You better throw them out
I'm telling you why

Santa is gonna feel you up
Santa is gonna feel you up
And if he doesn't
You should...

He knows there a risk
So he's checkin' you twice
Gonna find out
If your lumpy or just right

Santa is gonna feel you up
Santa is gonna feel you up
And if he doesn't
You should...

Lumps can form when your sleeping
They can be there when your awake
Most likely their harmless, little things
But you better check 'em out for goodness sake
(Yeah, you better check 'em out for goodness sake)

Oh you better watch out
You better hold 'em high
You better feel yourself up
I'm telling you why

No breast lumps in 2006
No breast lumps in 2007
No breast lumps ever,
my friend.