Things you don't normally hear at the office - unless you work where I do

Roxy to Boss: You have pie crust on your eyelashes.
Boss wipes face.
Roxy: It's not every day you get to tell your boss he has pie crust on his eyelashes.

Slightly flighty receptionist to Roxy: You are too beautiful not to have a My Space page.
Roxy: Huh?
SFR: You have an intuitive spirit.
Roxy: So I should be on My Space?
SFR: It is a great place to meet people like us.
Roxy: Like us?
SFR: Mystical people.

Student 1: Yeah, we bowl frozen turkeys down the corridors next week.
Student 2: No, the week after.
Student 1: Well, it is November.


At 11/11/07 7:19 PM, Blogger Remi said...

Yeah well I was asked if I wanted to go to the strip club...by another woman...and she was serious. I believe the conversation went something like..

Co-Worker: Hey do you want to go to Babes Cabaret?

Remi: I'm sorry where did you say?

Co-Worker: Babes

Remi: I thought thats what you said.

Co-Worker: I'll buy you a dance if you come with.

Remi: Wow...I'm flattered & frightened at the same time. When do we go?

Alas...the trip never took place. I think I'm relieved LOL


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