Thats Not a Cactus

While sitting in the hallway "conversation nooks" on our lunch break.

Vogue: Hey, I wonder if that cactus is real.
Remi: Why don't you go touch it to see.

...at least 30 seconds pass while the hallway clears, Vogue then shoots up out of her chair, prances over to the cactus and gropes it. She quickly returns before being spotted...

Vogue: I think its real. A fake one would have been much more rigid that that one, but I can't be sure.
Remi: Well did you stick your nail into it?
Vogue: No! I didn't want to hurt it if it is real.
Remi: Well go smell it then.
Vogue: ((laughing)) Oh I'm not doing that...I know what you're trying to make me do...
Remi: Well then smell your finger!

...please note that Vogue did smell her finger...casually & quickly. I was then advised that they just smelled like the sub sandwhich she just ate.

...also noteworthy. The hallway of the event is lined with glass...there may not have been anybody in the hallway, but who's to tell if the people on the other side of the glass got a show!


Smokers Resolution?

    Vogue: So you know we have try to stop with the sober smoking.
    Remi: I know, you're right
    Vogue: But we still get to smoke on the following occasions...
    1. Vacations when Roxy will be around
    2. During drunken bar nights &
    3. As a result of very stressful situations
    Remi: Agreed


    (Next Day)
    Vogue: We're late for our lunch break.
    Remi: Sorry I got caught up and wasn't paying attention to the time.
    Vogue: I think this qualifies as a stressful situation. Right?
    Remi: Uh...yes...yes I think it does.


Funky Smells

Vogue: Did you ever find out what that funky smell was in your car?
Remi: No. It's still there.
Roxy: It's puke from Vogue - right? Vogue, did you puke in the car again?
Vogue: Not recently.
Roxy: Did someone shove a taco down in between the seats?
B: Probably a burrito ground into the carpet.
Vogue: Like I'd waste a perfectly good burrito!