2009 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Help me reach my goal for the Arizona Breast Cancer 3-Day!

Yep, thats Right its on again!!
Words cannot even express how wonderful the 3 Day walk was this last November. Outside of blisters from...well waaay down stairs, this is an event created for Remi (n hopefully Roxy this year!)
Why you ask...again its simple:
  1. You get to skip work for a few days
  2. You get to hang out with your friends for those days
  3. Free food
  4. Crazy fun people in costumes..like boobie rangers, pirates, can-can girls etc, hydration hookers, Disney, spies....
  5. Powerful stories from people all over
  6. Tears & side splitting laughter ("Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion"-Steele Magnolias)
  7. Firemen!
  8. The whole weekend is dedicated to helping others
  9. You get to make new friends!!
  10. Karaoke & dance parties every night!!!

Bottom line, why not. Even the Olympic, Run Fat Boy Run-like blisters were totally worth it!!

So this year I again will walk. I may be called stubby, Arizona's first dual stump pirate, but all you have to do is watch a 3 Day from the sidelines to understand. I gladly give my heart & feet to the cause & I hope that all of you reading this will help to sponsor me again!



ps....the team name this year is up in the air. I wanted team Super Boobs...but my brothers want to walk as well & they don't seem to want to be called a boob...hmm...I'll have to work on them :) in the mean time, support & team name suggestions are welcome!

pss...some pics from the '08 Breast Cancer 3 Day