New Orleans or Bust!!

Price for round-trip flight to New Orleans - $450.00
Price for rental car in New Orleans - $151.00 (beautiful # by the way)
Cost for hotel room in New Orleans - $0.00
Knowing the New Orleans trip is confirmed - Priceless!!

New Orleans during Mardi Gras season. This is my first trip ever to the land of jazz music, ghost stories and a culture that cannot be fully experienced in under a week. The beauty is that after this trip there will most likely be posts here that will probably make everyone pee their pants, snort milk out of their noses or just yell out "what the hell were you thinking".

I'd like to post a preemptive strike against the "what the hell were you thinking" thoughts you will undoubtedly have...
  • I will be drunk, drinking or passed out the majority of the time
  • I am on vacation, I plan to leave my brain behind
  • Come on now...Roxy & I on vacation...together...in New Orleans...uh yeah like that's not trouble on the rise
  • Isn't it against the law if I don't flash my tits for beads??
  • I thought a hurricane was just a weather phenomenon...who knew they were drinks too!
  • I thought the voodoo doll was the one taking the shots, not me...I was perfectly sober!
  • I was there to watch the strippers....but hey I did make some money!

To those of you who will read the upcoming posts who are thinking...that's all you did, please remember...there may be children reading this blog!!!

New Orleans, February 2007