Oh yes it's Ladies Night...

Things overheard at girl's night last Friday evening:

Red: Seriously, Barry, you're hanging with all the girls and you're the only guy. For godsake grab your titties or do something chick-like.

Vogue (aka Al): Haven't we already established that I'm a slut who will lick anyone's ass?

Roxy: What the hell are you doing in there, talking to your twat? (said to B, who Roxy thought was in the bathroom mumbling to herself)
later, outside by the pool
Roxy to Remi: Well, Jesus, I thought she was in the bathroom.
B: I was in the closet looking for my top.
Roxy: I thought you said Twat. All I heard was mumbling from down the hall. (To Remi) It was totally like, "Hey, what YOU doin' down there?" Naturally I assumed she was twat talking.

Red, talking about Al: Ass is totally her territory.
Al: I'm all over it.

W: Well, it's not like I knew how to do a blowjob at first...
Roxy: My friend CB told me about it.
Remi: I haven't heard that name in years.
Roxy: I know - of all the people to learn to do a blowjob first. It was freshman year and she called me after school one day. She said, "Steve just asked me to blow him. What does that mean?" I told her I thought it meant you blew on it.
W: Well, I just thought you put it in your mouth and blew. So I did. There were air bubbles up his urethra, or whatever that thing is called.
T: I think you just are born knowing what to do.
W: Seriously, how the hell did you learn to give a blowjob?
T: Well, he pushed my face down there and I put it in my mouth. I kept trying to come back up but he kept pushing me back down. After a while, I just kind of developed a rhythm.
entire party bursts out laughing at T's bobbing gestures


At 4/6/07 7:04 PM, Blogger Remi said...

What about Wattiz???

By the way...nearly fell off my chair remembering T's description of learning the BJ. Holy crap that was hilarious!!

At 4/6/07 7:42 PM, Blogger Roxy said...

The minute I spelled Juarez with a "W" I knew I was in trouble.

How did you spell it?


Pronounces "Whattez"


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