Plotting to Assassinate Reality

Roxy: So, how are you doing?
H: I’m alive and just getting through each day as it comes.
Roxy: I know.
H: I have been calling on my three old friends…denial, avoidance, and distraction.
Roxy: Holy crap! You know those guys too? Denial and I were like the best of buds for years. Pretty soon, though, I just felt he couldn't do it for me anymore so I hooked up with Avoidance & Distraction. I LOVE the two of them - their my gay guy friends and I'm their fag hag...

I'm all like, "Hey Avoidance, wanna pretend that everything that is really true, really isn't? And then you can come over and we can hang out on my couch together and Distraction can bring over some movies and we can invent stuff to obsess over so that we don't have to face that bitch Reality. She's such a sanctimonious pain in the ass."

And then Avoidance laughs and pops open a case of vodka and we get drunk and paint our toenails.

So yeah, it's like that.
H: I should have known we'd have the same friends.


At 8/7/07 10:19 AM, Blogger Remi said...

Ahhh....denial, avoidance, and distraction...I too know them well, along with thier cousins, Jim, Jack & Johnny!


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