Who da Ho??

((second hand, hearsay))
Vogue voice mail to Roxy: "I'm a ho and if you put a bag over my head I'd be a hobag!"

That week a series of picture-mail text messages were sent....
Remi to Roxy: simple picture of the Staples easy button, text - Vogue's easy
Vogue to Roxy: same picture, text - That's right, I am easy
Roxy to Vogue: picture of Roxy with easy button next to her head, text - That's OK I am too
Remi to Roxy: picture of Remi with easy button, text - I guess all 3 of us are easy!! hey lets start a club

the following conversation took place at the bar...at a happy hour...with work people
Vogue to male co-worker #1: I need your advice...honest advice that only a guy can give me. Don't laugh, but if a guy cums on my shirt instead of my mouth its a sign of respect right.

Vogue to same male co-worker #1: You should be an underwear model.
Remi to male co-worker #1: Yeah Calvin, go ahead
Male co-worker #1: just call me CK!
shortly thereafter several pictures were taken as the newly deemed CK struck some "manly" poses for us


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