Happy Hour Insights

WT Momma: You know I shaved down there when I thought I was going to get some the other day.

Remi: Really, that's good to know, so no more ZZ Top

WT Momma: Nope, now its a Bermuda Triangle, but that's not what I meant to talk about.

Remi: Really, what else is there to say after that?

WT Momma: Well you know how you shave and that day its nice and smooth but the next day you get all of the red bumps?

Remi: Uh yeah

WT Momma: Well I was putting lavender oil on it and it made all the red bumps get worse. I think it was from the added fragrances they put in it.

Remi: You think

WT Momma: Well then I got to thinking and I used olive oil. It is smooth as a baby's bottom now. Seriously you should try it.

Remi: So does that mean that your a virgin again since you used Virgin olive oil?

WT Momma: No I'm an extra virgin!

Karaoke Queen: Mmmm...just take that and add some cherry yogurt and you have yourself a meal!! (reference a blog Roxy is yet to finish!!)


At 12/8/07 7:54 AM, Blogger Roxy said...

Who is KQ?

At 12/8/07 2:59 PM, Blogger Remi said...

KQ=friend from work, you have met her she is also friends with Vogue. She likes to do motorboats on everybody :) Classy just like the rest of us ha!!

At 12/8/07 7:36 PM, Blogger Roxy said...

Ahhh, I figured.

Motoroboat her boobs for me.

At 26/8/07 7:47 PM, Blogger sreno28 said...

I think you spelled "classy" wrong...

At 27/8/07 9:27 PM, Blogger Remi said...

should it be "klassy"!

At 21/10/07 7:28 PM, Blogger Looking for life in all the wrong places... said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 21/10/07 7:35 PM, Blogger Vogue said...

I demand more entries!!! Cherry yogurt anyone? It may be moldy, seeing as it has been two years!

Also, I have another dumbass one to dumbass two moment that is fair game. Here's the teaser...it ends at a Motel Six. Now that's klassy!


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